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CIC (Completely in the Canal)CIC – micro technology allows this type of hear aid to be worn deep inside the ear canal. They are almost invisible when worn. However, not everyone can wear a CIC. Consult your hear healthcare professional to determine if this type of hear aid is suitable for you. Now-a-days newer technology had made this tiny instrument very powerful.

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ITC (In The Canal)This hear aids are custom made to fit the size and shape of your ear canal. ITC aids offer a variety of amplification solutions that would have previously required a larger instrument. As it fits in the ear canal it gives more comfort and easy to adopt. As it is not that much noticeable, patients of middle and early elder people prefer to go for this style.

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RIC (Receivers in the Canal)RICs are latest technology with futuristic design. It is the form of BTEs but the tube is very thin. One can easily hide this slim tube and small instrument behind the ear. In this instrument receiver placed in the ear canal and microphone and amplifier are fixed at behind the ear and that's why its size is remarkable small. Particularly those patients who are very much size sensitive and having severe degree hear loss can benefit with this style. Its both tiny and stylish, with ultra-light weight with extremely comfortable.

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BTE (Behind the Ear) This instruments are reliable and offer greater fitting flexibility. They fit comfortably behind the ear while amplified sound passes down a tube to a customized earmold which fits in your ear. Because they are larger, can accommodate bigger batteries for longer life and larger amplifiers for maximum amplification. This type of the hear aids are best for severe to profound degree hear loss. They are big so easy to handle for elderly people and small children.

Few tips to make the holidays special for children with hearing loss.

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Different noise levels that occur hearing loss.

Is loud music ruining your hearing?

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Check your ears if your facing issues during conversations. Don't ignore.

What exactly causes Tinnitus

What excatly cause Tinnitus.